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As the world deals with the coronavirus outbreak, people are highly aware of hand-washing, and practicing social distancing to help slow the spread of COVID-19.

But for many folks who aren't considered "at-risk," the entire situation can make you feel a bit helpless. 

How can you lend a hand when everyone is working from home and can't get near each other? We wondered the same thing, and as it turns out, there are a good number of things we can all do to support our local communities during these uncertain times—so we can all come out on the other side, as unscathed as possible:

~We can teach our children kindness and sharing

~We can shop local, and support small businesses in our community

~We can be better neighbors

~We can focus on helping others; even though we may not yet know how we will help ourselves

~We can help those that may not be able to help themselves 

~We can share a smile 

~We can share a meal

~We can share hope

~We can share Clutch Pizza

~We can share pictures of us dropping off pizzas, receiving pizzas, and the happiness that is created when we all SHARE the good things in life... like Pizza.


Join Clutch in dropping off pizza's for those in our community who could use a little HOPE right now!


Online ordering ends 15 minutes prior to closing time.

Hours (Temporarily Adjusted)


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